Cognitiv+ GrayBox

Graybox is the Cognitiv+ solution that allows Data Scientists to build Deep Learning models in a fraction of the time than with traditional data science methods, in 5 easy steps.


Cognitiv+ web-based annotator system allows the user to upload documents in many formats, make them machine-readable and annotate them through an intuitive platform.

You can upload your pdfs, word documents or even images. Our system is able to convert even documents with extensive formatting and rich layouts. The web-based annotator system supports both NLP and Image annotations.  


Cognitiv+ provides a multi-user set-up where people can annotate and validate documents simultaneously. Annotators and controllers can work on the same platform and the intuitive project management suite makes teamwork on annotation and validation easy. 


With Cognitiv+ you can train your models faster using our configurable and extendable document analysis engine based on state of the art neural networks.

This will give you the ability to run complex pipelines of neural networks on documents and extract and structure results.

You can choose if you want to use our own GrayBox Training Module or integrate your own training model.


Through the panel, you can assess each of your models’ performance and precision and attach it to an existing pipeline, export it or discard it.


Once your model has been evaluated, you can attach them to a document processing pipeline or integrate it as a component of other systems within your company.